Honey roast ham 

Honey Roast ham is a quality horseshoe of gammon. It is cooked for four hours with bay leaves and black peppercorns. 

Parma Ham 

Parma ham also known as Prosciutto is an Italian cured ham, very popular as antipasti or to wrap chicken breastsnduring cooking. 

Chourica Tradicional

This is a traditional Portuguese sausage , very popular in Portugal used as flamed grilled as a starter. 

Chourico Corrente

Extra smoked sausage 


Presunto is a Portuguese dry cured ham. 

Spanish Chorizo 

Spanish Chorizo has a spicy taste to it. 


Farinheira is a flour sausage where the wonder of the flavors of the garlic, white wine, bay leaf, ground pepper and nutmeg combine in perfect alchemy. 

Alheira de Caca

Alheira de caca is a traditional game sausage. Boar and venison meat. 

Morcela de arroz

Morcela de arroz is a Portuguese rice black pudding 

Milano Salami 

Milano is fine texture Italian salami infused with garlic and red wine. 


Morcela is a Portuguese black pudding. 


This is a Portuguese ham from the leg of the pig. 

Presunto pata negra 

Alentejo's black pig cured ham.  

Presunto Serrano 

Serrano is a Spanish dry ham that is cured up to 18 or even 24 months. 


Black olives

Basil garlic olives

Mixed olives

Matured Kalamata

Rosemary and garlic olives